7 of the Most Often Recommended Car Dealerships in Houston

American dealerships sold 17.6 million cars and trucks in 2016. It would be great to walk into a car dealership, explain your needs and budget, and be able to drive away with a fairly priced new vehicle in no time. In reality, all car dealerships in Houston are not for you. Some dealerships will pressure, condescend to and take advantage of you. However the best will let you leave the dealership knowing that you were a respected customer whose needs and interests were taken seriously.


What to Look For in Car Dealerships in Houston

Reputable services, including the Better Business Bureau, rank car dealerships with an A to F based on customer experience and number of complaints. JD Power also conducts surveys allowing car buyers to rate their satisfaction. These platforms can be more reputable than online reviews, although those should be considered as well. Before you visit a dealership, check their inventory online and compare prices of similar vehicles with the same amount of mileage. You will want to be confident when you walk in the door that you can expect a reasonably good deal for your requirements. Ask about warranties before you purchase. Services covered under the warranty should be provided for free, including the removal and replacement of major systems. Many dealerships offer basic warranties when you buy, as well as extended warranties for an additional fee. Extended warranties can add onto the time you are able to request free service. You can consider lemon-proofing your vehicle when you buy a new vehicle for further assurance your purchase will not be a tragedy. Choosing the wrong dealership may mean the dealer won’t take service concerns seriously after you make a down payment and driven away. If your car has major complications, you may even find yourself reporting a lemon and starting a new car nightmare. The best car-dealerships have been hailed time and again by customers for being honest, trustworthy, genuine, and friendly.  You will feel from the minute you walk in the door that you are getting a great buy, and can bring your car back at any time for service and attention.


1. Motors on Wheels

The owner of Motors on Wheels has been praised many times by customers for being pleasant, professional, transparent, and not too “salesman-y.” Customers who call ahead of time are greeted at the door with the keys to a car to test drive. The staff is efficient and fast. And financing options are sometimes even better than those recommended by credit institutions. The warranty at Motors on Wheels allows car-buyers to take their vehicles to the maintenance shop, which is right next door, for no deductible. Customers are impressed with the clean, tidy space they are served in.


2. Houston Auto Sales, Inc.

This small, family-owned dealership is noted for its honest, trustworthy service. Customers report finding beautiful cars, friendly service, and a “fun” experience. Houston Auto Service listens to customers and helps them find exactly what they are looking for. Their Superior Warranties offer coverage from a car’s rear suspension to its engine, and the Supreme Warranty offers maximum breakdown protection.


3. Fred Haas Toyota Scion World

Customers at Toyota Scion are treated like friends and are made a priority, with fair pricing on all vehicles. The dealership has been given Toyota’s President’s Award for Excellence. They were also given the Better Business Bureau’s Winner of Distinction Award from 2004 until 2017. They received BBB’s prestigious Pinnacle Award each year from 2008-2014 for 100% customer satisfaction.


4. Team Autoplex

Known for selling sports cars, this used dealership leans toward the higher end of the market, but also has some reasonably–priced options. Customers report the staff as being organized and efficient. They bring up questions and concerns that buyers hadn’t even considered before they began shopping. Inspection companies will go to the dealership for you and run a rigorous inspection before your purchase. You can also have a local mechanic of your choice perform the analysis. Team Autoplex also offers low-cost extended warranties.


5. Beck and Masten Buick/GMC

This dealership offers new and used cars and trucks. The vehicles available are praised by customers for being attractive and affordable. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and not too pushy. Beck and Masten offers a “luxury lease” option to customers. They can get a factory-limited warranty for the first four years or 50,000 miles. At the end of the lease, there is the option to extend it or purchase the car.


6. Talisman Motor Company

The salespeople here are known to be thorough and patient. They are respectful of customer’s wishes as well as their price ranges. The used cars available here come from makers like, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, and Saab.


7. Dixon Motors

This dealership is known for its professionalism and warm, friendly service. Customers do not feel that they are taken advantage of, even if they are first-time car buyers. You can get pre-approved for financing online before you even walk into the dealership. You can also view their inventory and get an idea of the types of vehicles available.


Get on the Road

Professional, relaxed service and attractive, reliable vehicles are what you can count on from the best car dealerships in Houston. You won’t be disappointed with the knowledgeable staff at businesses like Motors on Wheels, Fred Haas Toyota Scion World, and the Talisman Motor Company. So, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle or have just made a new vehicle purchase consider adding Lemon Proof for peace of mind today.