Every New Vehicle Owner DeservesLemon Proof Protection

Lemon Proof provides its customers peace of mind, saving them thousands of dollars when their new vehicle turns out to be a lemon.

For less than 70 cents a day Lemon Proof protects its customers from being saddled with a bad deal. Becoming a Lemon Proof customer is simple and fast. Every new vehicle qualifies and you can cancel at anytime.

Step 1

Use this website to register the new vehicle.

Step 2

Review the Lemon Proof Contract and Agree to Accept It.

Step 3

Set up hassle-free, automatic payments.

Step 4

Lemon Proof will send you a receipt within 24 hours of receiving your first payment.

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It’s only $19.00/mo!Lemon Proof Your New Vehicle

Make monthly payments with no problems!

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Think a dealer stuck you with a lemon?We Can Help!

Contact us today if you believe you’ve already been sold a lemon, we’ll have an expert walk you through the necessary next steps.